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About this course

In ancient times it was believed that, as the days dwindled, the world itself died only to be reborn with the slow return of the sun after the winter solstice.

As we mirror the cycling season in our own lives, this is the time to let the parts of us that no longer serve die so that what needs to move forward within us can be reborn.

Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of the Goddess Inanna into the shadows of your own being?

Join me for Winter: Journey of Inanna, a self-study course taking you through the Seven Gates of Inanna and back up again. This journey can be done in a day or slowly over 2 weeks.

This is not an easy journey but it is one worth making. You'll confront what is, for many of us, our biggest fear: the fear of complete emptiness.

And then, slowly, you will fill back up with the things that bring love and joy and meaning into your life. Many of my students do this yearly to re-evaluate their goals and priorities. This course opens on December 1st. Will you explore the depths of yourself as the darkest time of the year approaches?

Come. Remember the light that comes after the darkness.